Yummy Broccoli, Kale and Chia Salad – Thermomix

 June 4, 2014
Posted by hipcook



This is my version of the Thermomix broccoli salad in the Thermomix every day cookbook.  I saw it posted in a Thermomix forum the other day and liked the look of it. However, I don’t really like apple in salads and I don’t really like yogurt either so I made my own dressing and included kale and chia seeds. Granted the mayonnaise is a lot more fattening but I have used a very small amount for quite a large salad. You may wish to only use half of the dressing amount, just add half of it the salad at the end and taste. I have also added pine nuts but that is completely optional. Yum. My 7 year old loved it so much, he took it school today!.

I have uploaded this beautiful fresh and easy salad onto the Hipcook app in the September Issue.

Our app is free in the Apple store and you will find this recipe in the September issue package. You have the choice of purchasing recipe packages from some of your favourite bloggers or just use the app for its amazing recipe storage system. Our app easily stores and saves any recipe from a cookbook to any recipe online which you can then create seamless and easy shopping lists from your stored recipes. It is the quite simply the ultimate meal planner!


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