cook books


I don’t know about you, but I love to cook my own special recipes. I love to try new recipes, all the time and if I like them, I store them in my recipe folder, well one of my many folders. I scan or photocopy and then store in my recipe folder, when I am organised.  Problem is I am not organised enough, like you, I am just too busy. So when I want to create something I have cooked before, surprise, surprise, I can’t find it!

My other problem is  then I have to find the time to sit down, sift through all my folders, mags (I have heaps!) and cookbooks to find what I would like to cook ahead for the week.  I then have to write down the recipe names, write down where they are in my cook book and pull out sheets from my magazines. Then I have to list all the ingredients and then I list out what areas of the supermarket they are in for example; dairy, fruit n veg and so on.

I tried to fix this problem about 10 years ago by creating a recipe database in Microsoft Access, it was complex, took ages to do, but worked, how geeky of me! However, I still had to find the time to sit down again and type the recipes in.

I also have a bit of a problem with ripping out recipes in places like doctors surgery’s….you know, you look around and see who isn’t looking and then…. riiiip.

So now thanks to the wonderful world of Apps, I have adapted my original Database to a wonderful new App, that makes the wonderful world of recipes, shopping and cooking so much easier.

  • No longer feel embarrassed by ripping out recipes in public.
  • Never worry again about complete memory blanks at the supermarket.
  • Lose your amazing ability to misplace recipes floating around on bits of paper, because you added them to Hipcook and they are safe and sound.
  • Save time.
  • Save money.
  • Share recipes with just one click!
  • Never waste produce again.