Stir-Fried Noodles with Beef and Sugar Snaps

 October 16, 2013
Posted by hipcook

An oldie but a goodie from a much loved and not available cookbook of Bill Granger’s. I have added to app as an easy, budget conscious and kid friendly family meal.

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3 Tbsp oyster sauce

2 Tbsp soy sauce

1 1/2 Tbsp dry sherry

3 Tbsp chicken stock

2 tsp sugar

1 Tbsp light flavoured oil such as canola

400 g (14 oz) beef fillet or rumb, sliced

4 cm (1/2 inch) piece of fresh ginger, julienned or grated

200 g (7 oz) sugar snap peas

250 g (9 oz) fresh egg noddles cooked and drained


Stir together the oyster sauce, soy sauce, sherry, stock and sugar in a small bowl.

Heat a wok or large frying pan over high heat. Add the oil and, when smoking, stir-fry

the beef in two batches, Cooking for 1 minute or until it is sealed and browned. Remove

from the wok and set aside. Stir-fry the ginger and peas for 2 minutes, adding a little

more oil if needed. Add the beef and sauce and cook for 1 minute, until the sauce

has thickened slightly.

Divide the noodles among four bowls and top with the stir-fry. (Or add the noodles to

the wok and mix it all together.) Serves 4 adults or lots of children.



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