One Powerball! Incredible Super Power Chocolate Truffles – Thermomix

My own original recipe for super duper powerful truffles. These little babies contain antioxidant, cancer fighting, 3 oclockitis chocolate craving goodness. These little balls give you a natural energy high. Might not be a good idea to eat them after dinner! And bonus, my kids love them.

I’m not sharing these on the website. But they are on my app, ready for you to add to your shopping list!

Our app is free in the Apple store and you will find this recipe in the September issue package. You have the choice of purchasing recipe packages from some of your favourite bloggers or just use the app for its amazing recipe storage system. Our app easily stores and saves any recipe from a cookbook to any recipe online which you can then create seamless and easy shopping lists from your stored recipes. It is the quite simply the ultimate meal planner!


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