Little Maple Syrup Dumplings – Thermomix Varoma Recipe

 December 3, 2013
Posted by hipcook

Found these on pinterest and followed the link through to this website. I made these the other night and everyone loved them. Such an easy desert to make while you are eating dinner. The Thermomix does all the work! I served mine with the Thermomix custard, (recipe up soon). I was a bit confused as to how much maple syrup to put in the ramekins and a bit scared as it can be so rich. I’d estimate that I put about 1 Tablespoon in each dish and I think I could have put a bit more in! Will be trying these again in the next week, so will check.


Serves 4
120g self raising flour
80g Sugar
70g Nuttelex
1 egg
60g milk
Maple Syrup 

Place the flour, sugar, and nuttelex into the Thermomix bowl. Mix for 4 seconds on speed 5, mixture will look like breadcrumbs.

Add the egg and milk. Mix at speed 3 for approximately 10 seconds. If mixture is too thick add a little more milk.
Pour a generous amount of maple syrup into each of the 4 silicone cups or small greased ramekins. Carefully pour the mixture over the Maple Syrup. Place in to the Varoma dish.
Put 1 litre of water into the Thermomix bowl and steam puddings at Varoma temperature speed stir for 25-30 minutes.
Use a skewer to check if they are cooked.
Invert into a dessert bowl and serve with custard, cream or ice cream, or better still… with all of them!

Tips: You can substitute the maple syrup for pear jam, Rice malt syrup or golden syrup. Add 20g of carob powder with the flour to make carob steamed puddings.



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