We are in the process of re writing our instructions for our new release and Android. In the meantime please email us at admin@hipcook.com.au. We love to help. We also have a Closed Facebook Page where just the users of the app can chat and ask questions. Link is https://www.facebook.com/groups/1052219548150577/

You will need to ask to join and we will add you.

In the meantime we also have some Tips and Tricks for you


Please make sure you use a steady hand, wait a couple of seconds and make sure your text is clear in your screen and shoot. If you do this right, the app will pick up your text and read it beautifully.

We recommend taking photos of your recipes, so they go into your photo library first. It is easier to use the app for the first time by then  importing photos from your library than taking them as you go. Go ahead and have a play!

The user will need a steady hand when taking a shot, blurry photographs will not work.

If photographing from a magazine or book, please ensure the book is flattened out; any bends in the page  will not result in a good photo.

Make sure there is no shade on your page. Most lighting works quite well and it may take a bit of practice for you to get the idea of what it means to have no shade.


  • Steady hand
  • No shadows
  • Flat paper with no bends or creases.


You know , those pens you can buy to make using ipads easier. I purchased mine at our local post office and feel a bit lost without using it.


Make sure you ‘save’ your recipe before you enter your information to avoid losing any work entered. As you would do in a word document. This is very important as you will lose your work if you accidentally jump out of the app.


Apart from the categories you have already created such as beef, chicken, casseroles, whatever. You can also add words or tags anywhere in the instruction/directions area.

This is a really great feature. If you would like to search all the low fat recipes – just type low fat in the instruction/directions area. When you type ‘low fat’ in the search button, Hipcook will bring all of those recipes up!

This feature works for anything you want categorised, that is already categorised. You could type in ‘budget’ for low cost recipes. Celiac for a member of the family that maybe a celiac. Kids favourite recipes. The list is endless.


When you are importing the ‘directions’ section of the recipe and you are importing a recipe from your photo library or the internet, you can actually select the text and select ‘copy’. Go into the directions area of your recipe in your app and select ‘paste’.

You can also ‘google’ copy and paste if you need to learn how to. Once you have learnt how to copy and paste, you won’t believe how easy it is to save recipes.

Until we get more instructions up here, have a look at our Facebook page and closed Facebook page, we are often posting up ideas and helpful videos. Links here: