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 September 23, 2014
Posted by hipcook

5bd4c1f81f8847fddf7b7f820fb02e13I’m back! Information below on my issues with bugs, the new updates, new features and contributors:


Have had a rough few months on the app updates. First of all we had the IOS update problem with the iphone which seemed to take forever for the developers to work out but we got there.  It didn’t help with the release of the new i Phone 6, because of this, getting an update through the I tunes store takes a lot longer than usual. We eventually got that bug fixed, however, I wanted to get another feature added and that was the shopping list syncing. We put this through in an update and it then created a bug in the I pad version so we couldn’t import text!! So we had to fix that bug and update again which took another 2 weeks. Finally everything is working now as it should. I just had to step away from this project for a while. I didn’t feel right posting recipes etc when some of the versions weren’t working as they should.


Please remember to save all of your recipes, to do this you must go to the mates section and log in through Facebook. They will always be safe if you do this.


Now I am working on some new features, the main one being 4 categories showing on the I phone at a time instead of the recipe’s ‘listed’. I am sure some of you are finding once you start adding lots of recipes, it takes a long time to scroll through your recipes. I find this really annoying and will fix it in the next update!
I would like to know what people think of the public section. I am seriously thinking of getting rid of it but have another exciting idea for this area….stay tuned!

Peta from over at The Road To Loving My Thermomixer is about to come on board and start contributing her recipes just for us. I am just too busy in my other business to develop recipes and photograph etc but I will contribute too from time to time.


I would love those of you, who are using the app to let me know how it is going. I am also interested in promoting your recipes if you would like to, so let me know if you are interested. If you are having problems, please let me know. I am probably one of the rare few app owners that care about customers and love to help. Every single customer who contacts me gets my help and usually well within 24 hours.

5:2 DIET

I am currently doing this diet and its going really well. So I will start to upload recipes with low cals under the 5:2 category. If anyone is on this diet, you will appreciate any low cal recipe you can get your hands on.


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