Hipcook is your own private recipe database

 October 15, 2013
Posted by hipcook

Hipcook is designed for you to add your recipes, you know, magazine cuttings and recipe books you have collected over the years. Hipcook can also can import any recipe of the internet.

Sure there are apps on the market that have 1000’s and 1000’s of recipes, but I actually don’t like the idea of having to go through so many recipes to find the ones I like. The same goes for recipe books. I have a heap of them, but actually only ever cook about 5 from one book!

With this app, you can copy in recipes from your old cookbooks, magazines, new ones of the internet and from your friends. You also of course have access to mine too.

Hipcook also has a fabulous search feature that allows you to find specific recipes. So if you have all your desserts in the dessert section but just want to find the recipes that are low fat. Simply type ‘low fat’ in the search bar. (Providing you have used the tag ‘low fat’ in your low fat recipes). This feature can be used in so many different ways such as; calorie counting, cooking for special dietary needs, the budget conscious, etc. This search feature also works for finding recipes you can cook using that ingredient in the fridge before it loses its freshness!!

Hipcook also syncs automatically as its cloud based. So enter the recipe on your iPad and its there on your iPhone. Add it to your family members phones and you all have the recipe library! I can’t tell you how handy this is at the supermarket.


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