Georgias Sausage Rolls

Georgias sausage rolls

This is not my recipe, I repeat, this is not my recipe or photography. Rather its from and the very talented Masterchef winner, Georgia Barnes.

So why I have I got this up on my blog? Well its a classic example of what a great tool our app is. See Georgia posted this image up on Instagram and then said it was on this website somewhere. So after looking around, I found it. Now normally you would just print it out or bookmark it and then forget about it, well I would. But, if you have our free app, you can copy and paste the recipe so its is stored, safe and categorised,   ready to add to your shopping list.

See, I see recipes all over the internet that I’m interested in but until now there was no way of saving them all in the one spot. There are some massive american recipes storing sites but they have their limitations (saving that for another post).

Hipcook is free (no subscription fees) and very easy to use. I promise.

The link is here so you can do the same:—georgias-sausage-rolls.html

Link to our free app is here:














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