Fruitless chewy mueslie bars


chewy mueslie bars 1

Just got this recipe from The Road To Loving Your Thermomix, and

This is a great website and facebook page to help you better understand and get the most out of your thermomix . The recipe is in my app under the category Kids snacks. They were so incredibly easy, no bake and everyone loved them….so impressed. Original recipe calls for 10g flaxseed oil of which I didn’t have any of at the time so I added quinoa flakes instead.

Hipcook app, available on Ipad and Iphone. An app designed for you to add your own recipe collection to. All your recipes organised and stored safely, share all your recipes with others and even copy mine. Only $1.99 in the app store. Its fun. Follow me on Facebook (link on the front page of this website – to get hints, tricks and new recipes being added).


chewie mueslie bars 2


mueslie bars 3


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