Finally, save your recipes from everywhere including cookbooks and magazines

 May 2, 2016
Posted by hipcook


A lot of our users are now enjoying saving all of their recipes from online. But have you tried our other importing feature? We have also included a feature that allows you to import your recipes from cookbooks and magazines and we would love you to have a go.

We can’t begin to tell you how handy it is to always have access to your favourite recipes AND if your Facebook friends have the app, well it just makes sharing recipes and growing your collection even easier.

We have added some tips below and once you have done it a couple of times, you will see it’s a very quick way of saving old and favourite recipes. Much quicker than typing a recipe in even if you can type at 60 words per minute.

Once you have your recipes stored, they are always there in your phone or iPad. Can’t remember whats in a recipe when you are at the shops? Whip out your phone and its there. What if another family member needs the recipe? If you have logged in with the same email or Facebook account all of your recipes automatically sync. Got something in the fridge that needs to be eaten? If you have a heap of recipes saved, just type that ingredient in the search bar and our app will bring up all of your saved recipes that use that ingredient.

  1. Make sure you have a steady hand.
  2. You need good light (most indoor light is ok). Bright sun that creates shadows on your page won’t work. Adjust your position so there is no shadow. Overcast days are perfect.
  3. Your page needs to be totally flat.
  4. Recipes where the text has colour or images behind might not work as well because the app is trying to read text. When there is an image behind, the app can’t read the text properly.
  5. Remember that sometimes the app recognises your text beautifully and other times you might get a bit of goobly gook. Around 10% is normal and easily fixed (sometimes fractions need to be adjusted). Any more and you might need to check the points above and take another photo.



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