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I have recently had a lifestyle overhaul so to speak and I am now trying to incorporate some new healthier food options.  One of the new products I was really keen to try was Crio Bru and I am going to put a post up on the health benefits of it. The other product I used in this recipe  is coconut sugar, it’s a fabulous replacement for sugar. Please red extra notes below.

This is an incredibly healthy chocolate custard (apart from the cream!). I have designed this custard by combining different recipes together and the best news is – the kids loved it. It can get a skin on it , which is easily removed and tastes just like our Australian yogo.

I also prefer this served cold and is great for kiddies lunch boxes – absolutely know preservatives in this one.

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50 g Crio Bru (see notes)

200 g cream

40 g coconut sugar (normal sugar is fine to)


40 g coconut sugar (normal sugar is fine)

35g corn flour

300 ml milk

1/4 tsp vanilla essence


Combine cream, Crio bru and sugar into thermo bowl for 10 min/80 degrees/ speed 2. Allow to cool and infuse for 10 minutes. The strain the liquid through a strainer.

Add rest of ingredients and cook for 10 minutes on speed 4 at 100 degrees.


If you don’t have Crio Bru, you can skip step 1, and just 50 g chocolate to the recipe by grating for 5 seconds on speed 8 and using 500 ml of milk instead of 300.



Coconut sugar is mineral rich and contains twice the iron, four time the magnesium and over ten times the zinc of regular sugar. And is low GI.


Antioxidant rich, cholesterol free, increases energy, reduces hunger, sugar free, fat free, supports you heart, brain and bones with magnesium and maintains healthy blood sugar levels with chromium and zinc. Head over to for more information.


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