Counting the Beet

 November 2, 2013
Posted by hipcook

Made up this one this morning using beautiful beetroots, like all red fruit and vegetables, they are the highest in anti cancer fighting properties. This juice has a lovely flavour with the right amount of sweetness.


grapes x 1 handful

kale x 1 handful

carrot x 1, roughly diced

celery x 2 sticks, roughly diced

beetroot x 1, peeled and roughly diced

apple x 1, core removed and roughly chopped

good handful ice

1/2 cup to 1 cup of water.


For Thermomix users, simply cut the carrot, celery, beetroot and apple into roughly 4-5 pieces. Throw in the kale, grapes, ice and water and whiz up in Thermo for about 1 minute on speed 9. There will be a small amount of texture, which is great as you are getting all the fiber.

For others with juices, just juice as per your machines instructions and no need to add ice or water.


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