Chic Pea Risotto – Thermomix

 November 11, 2013
Posted by hipcook


5o g parmesan cheese

1 x onion peeled and cut in half

2 x cloves garlic

40g olive oil

400 g Arborio rice

100g white wine

1000 g water

2 x Tbs of stock or 1 x Tbsp of Thermomix stock concentrate

200 g frozen peas

Shredded cooked leftover chicken ( about 2 large handfuls, totally up to you)

1-2 Tbsp lemon juice

1 x handful of fresh parsley

20 g butter


Process Parmesan to grate for 5 seconds on speed 7. Remove.

Put onion and garlic in bowl and chop for 5 seconds on speed 5, add oil and cook for 2 minutes at 100 c on speed 2. Add wine and cook for another 2 minutes with MC off.

Add rice and saute for 3 minutes at 100 c, reverse speed 1.5.

Add water and stock and cook for 15 minutes at 100 on reverse, speed 1.5, MC on,  5 minutes before the end of cooking, add the peas.

Once done, remove and place into the TM serving bowl, stir through the Parmesan, lemon juice and butter, season, leave to absorb for 5 minutes before serving.

To serve add some parsley, and a splash of olive oil.


Should serve 8

312 calories per serve




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