Berry Smoothie – 61 calories

 September 23, 2014
Posted by hipcook



Amazing, healthy and low fat berry smoothie. Original recipe is from my personal trainer, Nicole who trains with the West Australian Angels,  I am so grateful to Nicole for sharing this with me, I just love it. I took out some ingredients such as almonds (if I was training with the Angles I would keep those almonds in!!!). I wanted to keep the calories down for the 5:2 diet I am now following. This smoothie looks a bit gross but it is so yummy with some very powerful super foods. I make mine in the thermomix but you can use any food processor.

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Calories: 123 but serves 2 people a standard glass, so 61.5 cal per serving.


40 g baby spinach

110 g frozen mixed berries

120 g cucumber

50 g prunes

10 Gogi berries

10 g  (1Tbsp) Chia seed

2 MC cups water (around a cup)

Soak prunes in hot water for about an hour first. If they are not seeded you can just squeeze them once they have soaked and the pip will fall out…do not use the pip! Pop everything in your thermomix and whiz up for around 1 minute to 2 minutes on speed 9. Adjust with more water if yours it too thick.


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