Yes there are many recipe apps out there on the market. There are also some massive players out their online with hundreds of thousands of recipes which is great, I love them but how do you save your favourite recipes from all them, plus your own and from cookbooks, magazines etc? Hipcook is a system that collates and brings together all of your recipes from everywhere. Plus a new exciting feature called the Recipe Pop up Shop where we showcase some of the most talented bloggers and their recipes in the country.

Why YOU will love Hipcook….


Hipcook allows you to store any recipe from your own collection, or the internet in your I phone or I pad.

Hipcook is cloud based so it will automatically sync what you have stored on your Ipad with your Iphone.

Hipcook can take photos of recipes and store in its database. No other recipe app stores and collates your recipes like Hipcook does!

Hipcook  can import any recipe of the internet and store in its database.

One of Hipcooks most impressive features is the shopping list. It is incredibly easy to use. Once you have selected you recipes to cook. Hipcook produces your ingredients list which you then just ‘swipe’ into their appropriate supermarket category, it makes meal planning incredibly easy.

Best of all the Hipcook app allows you to share your recipes friends in one quick step!


Hipcook, is your own personal recipe database. The most wonderful feature of Hipcook., is the ability to take a photo with your phone and easily import the picture, ingredients and directions + plus more information if you so wish into your database. Then you just select which recipe you wish to cook for the day or week or even month and Hipcook will produce a shopping list of all your ingredients in shopping market sections, such as diary, fruit n veg etc.

You will never need to search your own empty and confused head space to remember ingredients in recipes when you are in the supermarket!

You can use it to buy in bulk and make the most of specials.

Is something about to die in your fridge but you can’t think what to cook with it? Search Hipcook and it will come up with all the recipes that use that ingredient.

The process of importing a recipe from a photograph or from your picture library literally takes minutes.

Don’t have time to import a lot at the same time? Just snap away at all the recipes you like and store them in your photo library. Next time you are stuck somewhere, travelling, watching kids sports, listening to a boring lecture…just start adding the recipes across.

Do you have family members or friends with special diatery requirements? Hipcook can sort all of these recipes for you too.

The amount of recipes you store are unlimited, no extra costs for adding as many recipes as you wish.

Share with your friends, a feature which allows you to access friend’s recipes that are also using Hipcook. This is an amazingly easy and simple way of importing friend’s recipes and building your database. This is where Hipcook truly shines as with just one click, you can import your friends recipes.