The Hipcoock App

Hipcook is designed for you to add your recipes, you know, magazine cuttings and recipe books you have collected over the years, simply by photographing them with your iPhone or iPad. Hipcook can also import any recipe of the internet + Hipcook comes preloaded with recipes I love and adding to all the time.

With this app, you can copy in recipes from your old cookbooks, magazines, new ones off the internet and from your friends.

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What is Hipcook?

The Hipcook app is the new age app that allows you to store any recipe from your own collection, or the internet in your Iphone or Ipad.


The main ingredient with this app is the photo. The photo you take of your recipes must be clear.


There are a few tips and tricks and a bit of practice to get the procedure right. Once you know, it is an amazingly powerful tool